Why estate agents are worth their weight in gold

If you’ve been looking at putting a property on -or back on- the market, you’ve probably wondered why estate agents are so expensive?
How Much Do Estate Agents Charge In The UK?
A typical high street estate agent in the UK will charge between 0.75% and 3% commission on the price at which your property sells and between 6% to 12% -of the contract- for lettings.
What Do You Get For Your Money?
The exact list of what services you get will vary depending on which estate agent you go with. However, the fairly standard elements are as follows:
Professional-looking Photographs
It’s true that a picture speaks a thousand words. When putting your property on the market, you really want it to put its best foot forward. To do so, you need to show it in the best light – literally!
Through their experience, they’ll know what time to take the photographs, guide you on how best to set the space up, as well as provide all their own equipment to take high quality photos. Lighting, angles, perspective; there’s a lot to consider when thinking about how best to showcase your home. Putting it in the hand of the professionals can make the whole process a whole lot less straining on yourself!
Property Descriptions
Yes, we’ve all heard stories of extremely over-generous property descriptions, but that just further proves my point. There’s a lot of power in words. By writing vibrant and colourful descriptions, a prospective applicant can truly imagine themselves making your home theirs.
Great transport links? Lovely local Park? Top schools nearby? A description is also a great place to showcase some of the other huge perks of your property that can’t be conveyed in pictures.
Floor plans
Most estate agents now offer floor plans. For many people property hunting, the layout of the property is a key factor. Wether they have specific requirements in mind, or a just looking for something a little different, it’s something they’ll want to see.


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