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Looking for a new home can be stressful at the best of times. The right advice and guidance are paramount.

Experience and expertise matter and they can make a significant difference in making sure that you not only find the right property but also secure it at the best price.

Viewing Properties

E-VUE property videos are the best on the market. But we also provide virtual and out of office hours viewings (weekends, evenings and bank holidays).

When you register any matching properties will be emailed to you automatically.

Zero Deposit Scheme

The Zero Deposit™ Guarantee costs the equivalent of one week’s rent and replaces your traditional security deposit.

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Tenancies & Aftercare

During your tenancy, you will report any maintenance work directly to your landlord and they will help you resolve any issues.

If you want to terminate the contract early you can, by replacing yourself with another suitable tenant (subject to passing reference checks).


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The best place to start is to head over to property portals like Zoopla and check the prices of suitable properties.

However, to pass the reference, it is important to keep in mind that you should ensure your rent equals up to 1/3rd of your household income.

If this is not the case you may consider securing a UK based guarantor or in some cases paying a larger part of the rent upfront.

Apart from the rent, you should factor in cost of security deposit. With us you can rent deposit free, using the Zero Deposits scheme.

Keep in mind that calendar month rent is not calculated by simply multiplying the weekly price by 4. This is because not all months have an equal amount of days.

Instead, the formula is as follows: Price per week £££ * 52 (weeks) / 12 (months). 

£300 * 52 / 12 = £1,300

example of calculating rent for a calendar month 

It is good to prioritise your requirements.

Some common requirements are:

  • Location requirements 
  • Size requirements
  • Layout & property type
  • White goods/furniture 

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When placing an offer you can always state your requirements as part of the offer.

Offer conditions you could consider:

  • Move date & price requirements
  • Maintenance requirements (would I prefer the property to be freshly redecorated or cleaned)
  • What furniture do I require?
  • Length of tenancy requirements (am I looking to rent for longer than 1 year to freeze my rent? Will I need a break clause?)

Place Offer +

Guidance on the passing of reference checks is that you should ensure your rent equals up to 1/3rd of your total household income.

If this is not the case you may consider securing a UK based guarantor or in some cases paying part of the rent upfront.

Documents required:

  • Photo ID (passport/driving license)
  • Bank statements (recent 3 months)
  • Payslips and employment details
  • University/UCAS letter
  • Character reference
  • Landlord reference 

If your rent is Guaranteed (you are using a Guarantor) they will be (joint & severally liable) liable not only for your part of your rent but for all rent for the whole property. This is why guarantors are required to own a property in the UK and earn enough to cover their own rent/mortgage and the total rental amount of your chosen property. Some applicants may wish to use multiple guarantors to ensure the minimum total household income required to rent the property is sufficient to pass referencing.

Once you placed your proposed offer it will be presented to the landlord. If you instruct us to take the property off the market you will have to pay 1 week of rent holding fee.

The landlord may accept the offer or reject the offer.

If your offer is rejected we will explain the reasons and you will have a chance to amend the offer. If you choose to keep the offer as it is, it will be deemed rejected and we will return your holding fee.

Place an Offer +

If accepted your holding money will go towards your first month’s rent.

We use e-signature software Docusign for our documents. This is an easy way to view and sign the tenancy agreement.

Once your offer is accepted you can e-sign the agreements and we will start referencing.

Before moving in you will need to pay the

  • 5 week rent security deposit, 6 weeks for rents over £50k per year
  • the remainder of the first month’s rent (if you paid a holding fee)
  • OR first month’s rent (if you did not pay the holding fee).

Your security deposit will be held and protected by a Government approved deposit protection scheme.

There are no other fees you need to pay before moving in. The Check-in inventory is paid for by the Landlord. 

Two months before the end of the tenancy we will contact all parties to ask if they would like to renew it. 

If not a Check Out inventory will be carried out. In an unlikely event of deposit disputes each scheme has a free dispute resolution service.

Otherwise, you should usually get your deposit back within 10 days of agreeing deductions (if any) with your landlord.

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